ProScape is Oklahoma’s trusted leader in the fence industry. We provide high quality fencing solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Use our virtual fence designer to receive an instant quote on your next fence project!

The Professional Fence Installation Service in Norman, OK That Will Match Your Expectations

Do you need to replace your fence or install a brand new one? Then consider hiring a professional to tackle the fence installation project for you. Improper planning and installation mean unstable fencing, building code, and local laws violations. Work with expert knowledge of all aspects of the fencing industry. Call ProScape Outdoor Construction LLC in Norman, OK today!

Our Services 

Chain-Link Fence Installation

Chain-Link Fence Installation

If you have a large property where you do not need the privacy that wooden fences provide, chain-link fencing could be the most suitable solution. We can install standard-sized fencing that prevents any intruders from entering your land.

Wood Privacy Fence Installation

Wood Privacy Fence Installation

Wood privacy fencing is the ideal option for durability and affordability in the market these days, and we are the fence installation service providers who can guarantee your satisfaction. We install cedar, pine, and other fence options.

Ornamental Iron Fence Installation

Ornamental Iron Fence Installation

Known for their strength and beauty, iron fencing panels, when fabricated properly, can last for years. Iron fences can be used for residential and commercial applications and to secure gated communities with many properties. 

Custom Gate Installation

Custom Gate Installation

We can fabricate and install any gate design, including single-walk gates, security gates, large gates, and more. We can also help with the installation of gate operators. One of our most recent projects includes the installation of a solar-powered operator.

Fence Repair

Fence Repair

No matter how sturdy the gate or fence appears, harsh weather and aging can compromise their integrity and make them look dull. Have your fence or gate professionally repaired by our fence contractor! You will be thrilled with the results.

Other Services 

In addition to fencing, we specialize in various outdoor additions, such as decks, patios, pergolas, and more. We can install and repair any deck design, install and replace patio covers, work on pergolas, provide traditional and executive wood shutters, and more.

Why Turn to Us

People often underestimate the planning and preparation needed to build a new fence. Fence installation work might seem simple. However, if it has complications that only extensively experienced professionals such as the contractors at ProScape Outdoor Construction LLC should address, you should hand it over. Save yourself time, money, and effort, and use our services. You will be happy that you did!

The Process 

Beyond the boundaries of your property, you also need to be aware of what is underneath it. The experts at our fence repair company are meticulous in their approach. We follow safety protocols and regulations and utilize top-grade tools and equipment. Our company provides high-quality solutions at reasonable rates. We work by appointment and offer upfront estimates. Contact us now to get started today!

ProScape Outdoor Construction LLC is a family-owned, locally operated fence repair and installation contractor dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers in Norman, OK and the surroundings. Read our About Us page if you would like to discover more about the company. Call us at any time for your appointment. 



Thanks Again for a Job Well Done!

Our fence collapsed in the storm last month. As an owner of two big Pitbulls, I need to have a safe and enclosed backyard. I was worried about finding a contractor to do the work because I know that most companies do not handle small fence repair projects. From my initial call, I knew I found the right guy. The work was completed the same day. He was pleasant and well-mannered. He cleaned up the yard, and my dogs were so happy to run around in the backyard once again. 

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